About Us


Mana Network is a digital ecosystem where VCs, start-ups, agencies, influencers, consultants, speakers, job applicants, event organizers and experts work together to mutually connect, collaborate and explore synergies and in turn create a sustainable ecosystem. It is a platform that is a one-stop solution for everyone in and around the startup ecosystem. At Mana, we strongly believe that the way to strive forward is by joining hands and doing it together! Building your connections, exploring and collaborating is the new age solution to taking your company to success.


Mana Network has everyone you need all in one place! You can find potential customers, collaborate on projects, find speakers and attendees for your next event at the tap of a button and do a whole lot more!


  • Get a chance to connect with Global VCs, Agencies, Consultants, Speakers, Job Applicants, Influencers, Accelerators and Incubators. You can create a profile for your company and start connecting.
  • That’s not all, when your ready to raise investments for your company, fill out the “Investment Profile” with the required details and await a connection from potential VCs.
  • You can attract further attention to your company’s profile by posting upcoming Events, Features and Job Opportunities available.

In a country where 4200 Startups are born every month, picking the Startups that interests you can be quite a task.

  • We help you find apt Startups with intelligent parameters.
  • You can browse through Startups according to your desired parameters and access their Investment Profiles which is a summary of intelligent data points collected about the company. This will make your decision-making process a whole lot simpler.

Get ready to be part of Mana Network to choose the right start-ups with more information!


Finding potential clients just got simpler,

  • we can help you find more than 1000 potential customers!
  • You can be THE MOST WANTED Agency on the platform.
  • Create your profile and keep adding the most recent updates and additions made to your Agency.
  • This will definitely increase your credibility and have every company wanting to work with you!

Get ready to be a part of Mana Network and respond to Startups with their requirements!


Your expertise is in high demand

  • We’re here to make you more accessible and simplify the struggle of choosing the right company to assist.
  • Create your profile and watch how connections come pouring in! Go through the companies that contact you and decide which one you wish to assist.

Get ready to be a part of Mana Network and be found, recognized on a larger scale!


You are a powerful weapon for Startups to boost their marketing.

  • We understand the difficulty you face in choosing the right Startup and the right brands to represent. With our data points, the difficulty of making choices can be reduced.
  • Create a profile to attract clients with important information about yourself. List important and unique content about yourself to make your profile more attractive.

Get ready to be a part of Mana Network to make the process of choosing the right Startup and the right product to represent!


We know how time-consuming it is to choose from hundreds of Startup profiles and registration forms.

  • We can provide you with certified and legit Startups.
  • After creating your profile, you can post Events and Programs you plan to conduct to keep our community informed about the exciting things you are doing.
  • Startups can follow you to keep themselves up-to-date about you.
  • You can browse through Startups and find ones that will be a good fit to you.

Get ready to be a part of Mana Network to find certified and legit Startups and be found as well!


Choosing the right event to be a part of the hundreds of events taking place every day can be tiresome.

  • Create a profile with the necessary details of your experience and be flooded with requests
  • Find yourself getting requests from the most happening startup and community events!

Get ready to be a part of the Mana Network and become one of the most admired orators!


Finding the job you desire and feel apt for is a never-ending task.

  • By creating a profile on Mana Network, you can browse through the job opportunities available in different Startups and choose the one you feel most apt.

Get ready to be a part of Mana Network to choose the right Startup and bag the right job!


Get invites to various offline community events to make connections and potential collaborations.

  • You can promote your events within our ecosystem and connect with the various members of the ecosystem in seconds.
  • Startups can post upcoming events to keep the community informed.
  • Event Organizers and Accelerators can also post related information about the events they host.

Get ready to be a part of the Mana Network and get maximum reach for your events!