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The Mana Network skips the thinkers and focuses on catching up with the doers - industry experts and pioneers who are in the thick of things; who work at the edge of technology and business for a living. We provide a platform for Startups, VCs, Influencers, Experts, Accelerators and Service agencies to help each other thrive in the ecosystem.

At Mana, you can experience the power of a complete digital network where VCs, Startups, Agencies, Influencers, and Experts help each other tap into the future of a sustainable Business Ecosystem!


Mana Network is THE place for you to explore, discover and get noticed. We help emerging startups like your own to get in touch with global VCs. Discover agencies that could be helpful in the business processes, explore collaboration opportunities with influencers from different categories and apply to acceleration programs organised by top accelerators and incubators. Not all heroes wear capes! We also do a video podcast with you as we believe in sharing your extraordinary journey with the world is important. We also have experts rating and reviewing your startup to give you a better insight. Also, Mana includes a Story Feature which allows you to share articles which in turn will be picked up by different PR agencies and journalists to publish.

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We understand how difficult it can be for you as there are 4200 startups born every month in India! Finding the one that interests you can be a difficult task! We bring you startups from every corner of India. Filter startups based on intelligent data parameters! Explore opportunities of becoming an expert on Mana and help build a stronger and effective ecosystem for startups.

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We understand finding potential customers can be hard, we bring you 1000+ potential customers at one go and with a few premium features you can be the most WANTED service agency on our platform! Every single company is your potential customer!

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You should know that Brands are investing more of their time and money into influencers. This increase in budgets suggests that brands understand the value of influencer marketing and how they can leverage it to boost their performance. You now are a powerful weapon that brands require to build a positive sentiment around a product.

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We know how hard it is to go through hundreds of startup profiles and registration forms every day. Signing up on Mana will help you do this much quicker! Find applications from verified and top-notch startups! Create programs and events on your profile and keep our community of startups informed!

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Get invites to various Startup and networking events in the country! Who wouldn't like that many options in one place! You can also add your own events and reach to out to everyone in the ecosystem in seconds!

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