B.A.R Episode 1

A one of a kind Startup and networking event with the experience of a lifetime! We brought together 250+ people from the business ecosystem, 150+ founders and investors, 17 impeccable speakers from the biggest organisations and 5 panels to share their story and take on the present, past and future trends in technology, innovation, growth hacks and entrepreneurship. The event curated together a lot of experiences and learning of enthusiasts who are coming together to Build, Aspire and Rise together.



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B.A.R Episode 1 having been a phenomenal success, we strive to carry our mission to Build Aspire and Rise forward by bringing to you B.A.R Episode 2. Providing to you the same exclusivity and quality of B.A.R Episode 1 on a much grander scale.
B.A.R Episode 2 transcends the benchmark of the entrepreneurial world by bringing to you emerging business leaders, market leaders, investors and pre-eminent speakers, who will be sharing their personal experiences as well as debating to help budding entrepreneurs develop and shape the path of the entrepreneurial dream in India today. We will also conduct premier workshops, interactive sessions with investors and group discussions enabling the B.A.R community to garner and cherish the entrepreneurial spirit within each and every one of us. We at B.A.R are committed to BUILD. ASPIRE. RISE.