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The Green House & Technology

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Amrit” as a word used in Indian language means “purity”. We strive & commit to deliver purity in glass bottles and wish you healthy and joyful life. Our milk is produced in hygienic conditions by healthy farm cows grazing on farm grown feed and organic fodder. Form our Farm to your Door, Delivering Purity. Our Vision is to provide Healthy, Natural and Fresh Milk and Milk product to our Family, Friends and Society in the same form as it is given by mother Cow naturally.

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September 1st, 2016

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Amrit Milk

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Best A2 Milk in UP by Chief minister. https://www.facebook.com/611512395691939/posts/874629386046904/

Pankaj Mishra

Marketing & Strategy ,30

[email protected]

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St Joseph's college Bangalore & IBS Hyderabad

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Lucideus Technologies HCL Dell