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There was this old saying that every civilization that flourished had some of the best-talented people come together and make great things happen. The culture of building communities, teams comes from this very thought process. But, have we have given a deeper thought to this. Have we gone down the history to see that even the wars were fought because of people and their differences, thrones were lost and villages destroyed. Coming to our present times, the struggles to make great businesses / startups, people matter, teams matter to make that happen. It is this very need to have the right people that we open ourselves to the challenges that come with the team.

This session, we intend to cover the challenges that startups have faced in the past with teams and how they have over come the same. Things you can put in place from the time you start out that will give you some heads-up with what lies ahead.

It surely is a free session, like all our meetups, but please do not forget to carry your experiences you might have had when it comes to team troubles.

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Place: MCCIA - Pune

Time :Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 11 AM – 1 PM