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A workshop that helps you find your way to success

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Amandeep Thind

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We want to be successful in everything that we do in our life. To be successful we keep putting a lot of efforts. Sometimes we succeed & sometimes we fail drastically. A level of confidence or self-esteem depends on how much success we are in our life. Which work we will initiate or leave is all depends on if we are successful in that endeavor earlier. Base on the success we decide if we are able to do that particular work or not.

Are you ready to discover what makes you truly unique and brilliant? We all have dreams; deep in our hearts, we want to believe that we are gifted enough to change the world, to make a difference to someone’s life.


Regular Price- 4000
Holi Special Price = 1100

(Hi-Tea, Lunch & Evening Snacks Provided)

*Offer Valid 10 Days Only.

The workshop is lead by Amandeep Thind from London.
(Lead speaker for Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within previews)

Date: 20 April 2019, Sunday.

Venue: Hotel Shivalikview, Chandigarh.

Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm


  • Identify the problems – Discover the blocks that have been stopping you from achieving what you want.
  • Become Inspired - Create an inspiring future for both your life and your work.
  • Handle Challenges with Ease - Handle the challenges of daily life with greater effectiveness and greater ease.
  • Get Rejuvenated - Feel a renewed sense of fun and excitement for life.
  • Discover Your Potential - Master power practices to transform how you relate to yourself and your creativity forever.
  • Enlighten Yourself - Learn to live effortlessly with more conscious self and enlightened self.


Who Should Attend - Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Business Owners, Professionals, Students, Managers, Executives, Home Makers, Employees, Retired etc.

Time:10:00AM - 6:00 PM (IST)