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Branding Workshop for Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Trainer, etc

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Paul Robinson

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Have you always been aspiring to be somebody but never made an attempt as you were too shy to expose your ‘wanna – be identity’?

Were you labeled to be a ‘certain somebody’ that is not the way you want to be known as?

How to change the way other people see you, especially when your personal brand is holding you back from reaching the next stage in your career?

Remember, if you don’t define Your Personal Brand, Others Will

This is a one-day Practical workshop addressed by Paul Robinson, who is a renowned Speaker (a prominent personal brand among the corporates in India), Business Strategist and author of ‘Make your brand Roar’.

The workshop is designed to help Individuals navigate through Branding nuances, create your personality road map and will help you identify your unique value offering and help you with the process to build your personal brand.

How people perceive you or say about you matters to your reputation and reputation is the modern day currency. Most people offer similar products, skills or services as you do, but some people just stand out in their business or industry.

The learning module: what will be covered during the session

Module 1: Personal Branding Fundamentals Module

2: Brand Discovery Module

3: Promoting yourself: Module

4: Growing Your Executive Presence


What will you walk away with?

• Understanding brand psychology, brand building and different dynamics to building a brand

• Learn how brand perceptions are shaped and brands are made and unmade

• Discover your authentic self through a series of self-exploration tools

• Explore your promise of value

• Gain clarity on three components to personal branding- Authority, Online identity and Personal Style

• Growing your network and expanding your Social Clout

• The art of influencing people

• Developing your Networking skills

Who is the workshop designed for-

• Business owners looking to differentiate their business and become part of the brand story

• Entrepreneurs wanting to be visible to prospective clients and partners

• Thought leaders and idea makers wanting to expand their reach and monetize their expertise

• Aspiring influencers hoping to create a full-time career with a remarkable personal brand

• Authors and soon to be Authors seeking an audience

• Individuals looking to reinvent themselves and do something new!

Though it is a workshop for all diverse group, find below how it benefits each sector of working professional.


• If you are an entrepreneur or a start up; you will learn to win more deals and attract more clients, talent or investors

• If you are a freelancer or a skilled professional; you will learn to stand out in your domain or niche expertise

• If you are a trainer, coach, author or speaker; you will learn to command higher fees and get more gigs

• If you are looking to advance your job prospects, you will learn to build a powerful resume that can attract a dream career

If you are an influencer or a community leader; you will learn to advance your brand image and reputation among your followers

• If you are a CXO in an organization; you will learn to become a powerful influencer, thought leader and presenter   

Time: 10:00AM - 6:00 PM (IST)