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New perspective on entrepreneurial development

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Dialogues Cafe

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It’s never easy running the show, especially when you’re starting your own business. Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. Rewarding challenges, but harsh challenges, nonetheless.
With these harsh challenges come the harsh realities. While entrepreneurs need to always keep their chin up and persevere through the hard times, it’s not always easy. The trials and tribulations you face on a daily-basis make you feel like your day of triumph is getting farther away. However, the key is to stay motivated, analyze your situation and see what you can improve to put you back on the track to success.
We are introducing a new perspective on entrepreneurial development focusing on an important aspect that is often overlooked - you as a founder.
Join us for a learnshop to find how to write your own success stories and get a better understanding of the qualities needed to jump-start your entrepreneurial journey. The interactive session will enable you to understand where you stand in this respect as well as give you a unique approach to improving in the necessary areas.

Who should attend?
Those who have started their own venture recently or are planning to start within the next year.
Highly motivated individuals who are looking for an out-of-the-box approach to becoming successful entrepreneurs.
Those who are actively looking for a solution to boost their entrepreneurial journey.
Those who believe that self-improvement is the key to entrepreneurial success
People who are facing the following challenges:

What will you gain?
Understanding of the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur
Actionable insights into how neuroscience will help you achieve your goals
Self-reflection on where you stand
A personalized solution to get your entrepreneurial journey on the track towards success

Time: 27 Feb: 4:00PM - 6:00PM (IST)

Place:Dialogues, 100 Feer Road, 4th Block, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangla, Bengaluru, India.