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How To Generate Money In Online - Narashimma Kumar

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Auroratechpro is hosting a free workshop on making money online through Digital marketing in Bangalore. The purpose of this workshop is to give a brief thought about how digital marketing is changing life of every business from small business to large corporates and how it could be helpful for their business .As rise of Internet has offered enormous earning opportunities and digital world is growing becoming best source of to earn online through ecommerce,social media ,blogging and online ads .Earning money online requires a lots of effort which has to be put on building website, branding your website and constantly writing content for your audience that easily starts generating traffic and then make money based on the visitors.But there are other ways also which will covered during the session


Topics are covered:


  • Importance of Website in Earning Online!
  • How to start a business online and how can help for startups to grow their business online ?
  • How can I make money from online market research?
  • Earning Online through Freelancing and Blogging.
  • Case Studies of Successful Digital Marketing  Campaign.
  • Know free Health Status of your website.
  • Know your Business Goals and analyze with advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • How to make the best use of Inbound Marketing tools like SimilarWeb and SEMrush to stay ahead of competition?


Who can attend?


  • Entrepreneur or Business Persons Getting first client for business is main priority of any business due to new technological advancement in internet connectivity and more smartphone doing business online is easy now.
  • Marketing Professionals A competent digital marketing professional can expect significantly higher growth in terms of salary. High growth startups or large corporations need people who have experience in traditional marketing and have acquired digital marketing skills.
  • Sales Professionals Who can accelerate their career growth in digital marketing and entry level sales professionals it is a wonderful chance to consider switching their career to digital marketing.
  • IT Professionals and Bloggers are the one who need most number visitors to their sites when some searches on Internet. Digital Marketing is the best platform where they can learn to rank in Google or social Media.


Time: 11 am - 1 pm

Address: Address: # 296, 1st Block, 1st Main Road, Koramangala, Jakksandra Extension, Bangalore- 560034