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An exclusive event for all founders and everyone else dominating in the startup ecosystem!

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The Mana Network

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Our motive has always been to help startups take off from the launchpad and reach the sky! This is the ideology behind our digital ecosystem, The Mana Network.

Having been in the startup space for over two years, we have realized the importance of offline networking and how important it is to connect with other founders. Your connections can really make that edge of a difference in making or breaking your startup! Through this event, we want to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs who are gearing up to dominate the startup universe! The event planned will focus on what founders need to keep in mind while they are lost in their journey to success. A line up of speakers who are at the peak of their careers! Sharing their insights on growth, product development, marketing, and hiring. A typical set of topics that every entrepreneur needs to be well versed in. This will be followed by a panel discussion with experts sharing their insights, their mistakes, and their advice. Sharing their
insights and decoding their mantra to success.

About Mana Network:

The Mana Network skips the thinkers and focuses on catching up with the doers - industry experts and pioneers who are in the thick of things; who work at the edge of technology and business for a
living. We provide a platform for Startups, VCs, Influencers, Experts, Accelerators and Service agencies to help each other thrive in the ecosystem. At Mana, you can experience the power of a completely digital network where VCs, Startups, Agencies, Influencers, and Experts help each other tap into the future of a Sustainable Business Ecosystem!

Time: 3PM - 8PM

Address: CoWrks Millenia, The Millenia, Tower C, Plaza Level, No 1 & 2 Murphy Road. Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008