Chatbots Changing the Travel Industry In India

By Mana Network - April 1st, 2019

Technology is all set to transform the new age traveler experience. Meet the connected traveler, seeking instant responses, always impatient and ever demanding, always on the go. Digitally savvy, these travelers are growing fast, stimulating huge demand in the tourism industry. Their travel search coming up with begins with googling and ends with online agencies. Enticing these travelers put enormous pressure as the industry struggles to come up with innovative solutions to fulfill their needs.


This is What the Studies Show


Research studies indicate that travelers visit sites for planning their trips, gleaning for real-time info that matters, going through a tiring filtration of content to find best-fit travel plan. This reflects the acute want for personalized solutions and efficient travel expertise. Leveraging technologies like chatbots have immense potential to provide seamless, personalized user experience, helping the travel industry to scale horizons.


Innovations Making it Better Every Day


The industry is getting better in simulating human-like conversation, chatbots are computer software that mimics the way humans interact offering a lot of benefits when integrated into travel businesses. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots should help travelers avoid tiresome planning and simplify bookings while boosting business for the travel ecosystem. Helping tourists make the right choices based on their schedule, budget, and other preferences with their intelligent conversations with chatbots it is refreshing for the new age travelers as a personalized tool, while also empowering travel agencies, hotel services, and other indirect businesses. Significantly, using AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing, the chatbots are evolving as a key element of the digital experience strategy of travel ecosystem. And, they're solely obtaining smarter, turning into additional autonomous, and self-learning - discovering new patterns and worth for serving to travelers realize right data at right time.


We are witnessing growing industry demand for platforms where chatbots that are easy to integrate, scalable, secure, and reliable. What travel ecosystem needs is a simple, pervasive technology that delivers voice-enabled auto-suggestions, error-free diction support, and live dashboards to review, share feedback and metrics.


Tourism Industry


The augurs well for the Indian business enterprise and cordial reception trade – a key driver of growth among the services sector with nearly one.6 billion domestic tourists, 10.1 million foreign tourists arrivals and 9.6 percent contribution to the GDP. This is important, as tourism is a great source of foreign exchange and expected to generate 52.3 million jobs by 2028. During January-October 2018 FEEs from business enterprise augmented eight.30 percent year-on-year to US$ 23.54 billion.


Government Policies


Robust government policies and young demography are also transforming India into one of the most digitally-advanced traveler nation in terms of digital tools being used for planning, booking and experiencing a journey. Besides, India’s rising middle class and increasing disposable incomes has continued to support the growth of domestic and outbound tourism.


Various Platforms


There are several chatbot platforms from several massive enterprises, however, chatbot as a service (CaaS) makes it easier, quicker and affordable for any portal to enhance customer experience by providing real-time and auto-replies to their users’ queries.


Indian Railway


A case in point is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)’s Next Generation eTicketing System that serves millions of passenger every day using a chatbot AskDISHA, built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to produce motorcar response to many thousands of queries each day.


Automating handling of routine queries saves the valuable time of client service executives and permits them to specialize in additional advanced problems. Since chatbots record each of their communication with the users, they offer real actionable insights and recommendation into customer experience, purchase history, and problems - bringing in a personal humane touch much awaited by the customers for a long time.


As more and more travelers are set to explore a hyper-connected world, chatbots will prove a boon to travel agencies to deliver enriching experiential solutions to travelers. It means being there for the travelers each moment, helping them in each step with empathy, and fostering unforgettable memories. Time is ripe for navigating into the future.