Everything you need to know about the biggest business and networking event happening in India-B.A.R Episode 2!

By Mana Network - July 8th, 2019


Build Aspire Rise or B.A.R is an offline business ecosystem that welcomes all the members of the business realm who aim to attain an in-depth understanding of the Indian Business Ecosystem.

B.A.R’s CEO, Nikita Shiv believes in the true power of Networking. She intends to bring like-minded people of the business domain under the same roof to share ideas and views on the emerging trends and advancements to achieve the primary goal of B.A.R: To Build, Aspire and Rise.


B.A.R Episode 1 was held at CoWorks on 27th of April which was an outstanding success. Hence, B.A.R presents B.A.R Episode 2 at a much grander scale in one of the iconic venues in Bangalore, UB City on the 24th of August.


B.A.R divides its day into three segments to work towards its goal:

BUILD: Focuses on turning your dream into reality by building your thoughts, one step at a time.

ASPIRE: Represents the underlying spirit of entrepreneurship present in everyone at B.A.R. Guiding the drive in everyone present to succeed against all odds.

RISE: To take the leap of faith by taking full advantage of the opportunities and resources available at B.A.R from workshops to investors to pave your path to success.


B.A.R Episode 2 presents an engaging and informative day with workshops, 1 on 1 interactive session, debates, media exposure, themed panels, and product exhibitions. B.A.R. provides an opportunity to meet and interact with potential clients and form collaborations. B.A.R has built a business ecosystem which has become an innovative attraction for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Tech Influencers, Corporate Executives and Founders. This doesn’t just enable the B.A.R community to appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit but also allows us to create a vast range of connections and collaborations.

For the first time, B.A.R decides to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the members of the business realm by honoring them with B.A.R Awards. The B.A.R awards are given to the individuals who have shown excellence in their respective fields and have contributed back to the Indian Business Ecosystem. The awards will also be given to influencers in recognition of their contributions in various domains. The B.A.R Awards will be held in a fun and enthusiastic manner reassuring our communities’ elites to look forward to a fun-filled evening.


B.A.R is a community networking event with more than 500 founders and investors, 300+ Marketers and Influencers, 50+ impeccable speakers, 20+ Panels and Discussions, 15+ Product Exhibitions and Stalls and the most exciting, B.A.R Award nominees.

The event comprises of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Influencers, Designers, Corporates, Media, Lawyers, Content Creators, Artists, Accelerators, Develops and students from a wide range of educational streams.


To win the B.A.R Award, you can nominate and vote for those you feel deserving in the different categories of excellence here: https://barepisodes.com/category/index

B.A.R has created an exclusive and comfortable environment for the business community to grow hand-in-hand aiming to build an enhanced Indian Business Ecosystem by following three values: Build, Aspire and Rise.

Spend your Saturday at the B.A.R like never before! This day-long event will not only leave you with 100+ years of experience worth of knowledge but also 100+ new friends from the ecosystem! Come join us at THE MOST ICONIC VENUE in this city and wake up with the best hangover that will last a lifetime!

How to book your slots?

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