Mana Picks: 7 Innovative FoodTech Startups that Ease your Food Cravings

By Mana Network - October 3rd, 2019

The Indian Food Industry has transfigured with the adoption of current trending technologies. Food Tech startups (a multi-billion dollar industry and highly competitive) have immense potential and has seen a huge growth in just a few years. Giants like Swiggy and Zomato are soaring in the industry which in turn has inspired a lot of these Food Tech companies to crop up and take over. With the increase in the number of foodies and the thirst for convenience, solutions have increased exponentially.


These FoodTech startups, with their exceptional adoption of technology, are creating everyday solutions making their user's lifestyle easier and hassle-free!



1. Dineout


Started in early 2012 as a table reservation platform by co-founder Ankit Malhotra along with his school friends, they faced many hurdles around the time. People were yet to embrace the idea of reserving the table each time they went out. Through many hiccups and starting a restaurant payments platform, Dineout is India's largest and preferred online table reservation platform.





2. Eazy Diner


Eazy Diner is another efficient innovation platform started by a group of passionate and enthusiastic set of hoteliers and chefs to ease the stress of finding new places. Founded in 2014, EazyDiner is an online restaurant reservation platform started by Vir Sanghvi having past experience in the hospitality industry. All the queries, one has before choosing to dine at a particular place can be answered by EazyDiner in the least amount of time making it a relaxed and memorable experience for you. With their innovative idea, they have found their place as one of the best online reservation platforms. 




DIner3. InnerChef


Started in 2015 by Rajesh Sawhney, Sanjeev Singhal, and Bal DiGhent, InnerChef is one of the fastest-growing food experience companies in the country. They follow a simple value of delivering fresh and healthy meals prepared with care in accordance with the expectations of the customers. Their unique recipes, fresh ingredients, and stunning packaging enhance your need to try different cuisines offered in their menu giving you the satisfaction of a healthy meal and giving them to chance to surge to success.






4. FoodyBuddy


Started in 2016 by Rachna Rao and her husband Akil Sethuraman and later joined by Anup Gopinath, FoodyBuddy is the right platform for you if you love cooking and enjoy unique and authentic recipes. This platform was found with an aim to connect foodies and chefs to serve healthy, fresh and delicious food of various cuisines. FoodBuddy allows its members to run a business at a convenient time and space with minimal resources and investment.






5. Railrestro


Started in 2015 by Manish Chandra and Suman Priya, Railrestro is a solution to finding healthy and fresh food of varying cuisines while traveling by train. They noticed one of the most common issues faced by people and proposed the idea of Railrestro. The startup is now in tie-up with numerous restaurants making your journey a memorable one. In partnership with IRCTC, Railrestro is present in about 800 cities across 400 train stations. 





6. Spoonshot


Started in 2015 by Sai Sreenivas Kodur and Kishan Vasani with substantial experience from successful food tech companies giving them the upper hand in analyzing and implementing the taste prediction technology. This implementation of the technology-enabled the industry to get a better understanding of the likes and expectations of the consumers. Spoonshot helps the F&B industry with key challenges including recommendations & personalization, menu & product development and insights & trends.





7. Mechanical Chef


Started by Arpit Sharma and Cohan Carlos in 2017, a unique and efficient cooking robot to suit the needs and requirements of the current generation. Unable to find the time to cook healthy and delicious home-cooked food, Mechanical Chef, a cooking companion was found to make everyday life a tad easier. With its ability to customize recipes, it provides users with the opportunity to cook numerous dishes from various cuisines.


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