Mana Picks: 9 HealthTech Startups that are Enabling Faster and Efficient Healthcare Solutions

By Mana Network - October 3rd, 2019

The healthcare industry is said to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Most startups are focussed on improving access to healthcare. The industry offers a big opportunity for AI and Internet of Things (IoT). India is ranked 145th among 195 countries on the healthcare index, doctor to patient ratio in the sector stands at 1:1596 far lower than the WHO standard. The government is setting a roadmap to improving access to healthcare growth with policies and aims to raise healthcare spending to 3 percent in its five-year plan by 2022.


As consumers are beginning to take an interest in their health and with the arrival of the digital age in the healthcare segment, here are a handful of startups setting a trend in the market.






1. 1mg


Founded in 2015, 1mg is a digital consumer healthcare platform that makes medicine accessible and affordable. It allows users to find information about medicines prescribed by doctors and home deliver them. Its doctor platform also aims to transform how to find the right healthcare professional.






2. Pharmeasy


It is one of the largest pharmacy aggregators in India. Started in 2015, Pharmeasy help patients connect with local pharmacies and diagnostic centers in order to fulfill their medical needs. Users can order medicines online and consult a doctor if the user doesn’t have a prescription for the medicine.  






3. DocsApp


Founded in 2015, DocsApp is a mobile platform where people can consult a Doctor within 30 minutes in various specializations through chat or call from the location of their convenience. Users can book Lab tests and order allopathic medicines as well. Users can read health tips and remedies recommended by specialist doctors using their app.






4. mfine


Mfine is an AI-powered online doctor consultation app. Started in 2017, it aims to make access to trusted healthcare simple and fast. The doctor knows about your condition even before they’ve seen you. Mfine uses an Assistive Intelligence platform that can analyze the symptoms and deliver accurate prognosis for the specialist to assess patients, thereby making the diagnosis quicker and sharper.





5. Doctor Insta


Founded in 2015 by Amit Munjal, Doctor Insta is India's first Video Medicine Company where one can consult doctors anytime, anywhere. The startup aims to fix the current problem of accessibility, reliability, and consistency in the healthcare market. Patients often procrastinate on moderate medical issues ignoring early symptoms and have to pay dearly later. Using Doctor Insta, patients don’t have to waste time traveling to a doctor and is also inexpensive.





6. CureFit


CureFit is a health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Founded in 2016, they aim to make fitness fun and easy, CureFit gives workouts a new meaning with a range of trainer-led, group workout classes. It operates gyms under Cult.Fit, healthy food offerings under Eat.Fit, mental wellness through Mind.Fit and diagnostic centers through





7. HealthifyMe


HealthifyMe was launched by a team of doctors, nutritionists, and fitness trainers in 2012. It’s an application that enables its users to track their calories, nutrition, and fitness activities. Users can set their healthy goals and work towards them, share the data and get expert advice and suggestions on their lifestyles.





8. LiveHealth


Founded in 2013, the startup works as a Management Information System for healthcare providers. It collects samples, manages patient records, diagnoses them and generates reports. LiveHealth makes the process smarter and more efficient using AI to process enormous amounts of medical records and transactions.





9. MyCooey


Cooey is a mobile healthcare platform customized for remote care. Founded in 2015, the App allows you to keep tabs on what’s happening with your loved one in real-time. It collects, stores, analyze and provides insights into vital signs which enable the organization to work as a team and meet the care needs of patients. MyCooey integrates solutions using Internet of Things (IoT) like Alexa smart health, Maya-smart assistant and allows interfacing with Bluetooth-enabled devices enabling clinicians to the best possible care for patients.



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